Miyerkules, Hunyo 5, 2013

My Priority is taking Outfit Shots

Hi there.
Cheers cause I posted an outfit post today.BTW,please follow my sister's account on Instagram,
my sister dosen't use her instagram so i use it her account is JANINE_YAP123.thanks! :)
I took these outfit shots at Tierra Alta.I captured some nice views from Tierra Alta.
Only some photos cause i was so excited to swim (It's my first time to swim in Tierra Alta). but of course I didn't forget to take outfit shots there.
Outfit Shots are my priority.Since I want my dear readers to feel like they also went to Tierra Alta I have
 photos which I will post tomorrow.So,keep updated :)

Swimsuit: Sassa, Pink Seethrough: Sun Kissed, Shorts:Gift from my aunt,
Slippers: Shubizz, Ponytail: Goody

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