Sabado, Hunyo 1, 2013

Black,White,and Spike

Yay!Cheers for today (I posted an outfit post yesterday and today,i posted it in 2 consecutive days
hahaha!) [fingers crossed i hope i can post outfit posts everyday] :))
Here is what i wore at a party of a family friend :)
I really love this outfit post :) Don't be shocked if i will wear this again next time..haha! :)
Sorry for the many smiley faces i'm just so happy that i posted an outfit post today :)
Will anyone stop me from being happy today?haha :))))
So here's an outfit post,ENJOY!:)

My Headband 

Hype this look at  

My Heels :) 

My earrings 

My Bracelet and watch :)

Outfit Details:

Top: +Penshoppe,Bottoms: Mixed Berry, Heels: Mags,
Bracelet: +Penshoppe, Watch: Mango, Headband: +Forever 21 

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