Sabado, Abril 27, 2013

Summer Dress

Sorry for the long time no outfit post.
This is what i wore at Robinsons and at the Church.I attended an anticipated mass.

My Earrings

Outfit Details

Dress: Gift from my aunt, Heels: Alberto,
Watch: Philip Stein, Ponytail: Goody, Earrings: Mags

Lunes, Abril 22, 2013

Think PINK

Sorry for the long time no oufit post.
There was a problem in my blog that i need to fix.But anyways,here's an outfit post.

My Bracelet <3

My Earrings <3

Outfit Details

Top: NET Collection, Shorts: aérospostale, Heels: Shubizz,
Bracelet: +Forever 21 , Earrings: Elite Closet, Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Lunes, Abril 15, 2013

Red is LOVE

Sorry for the long time no outfit post.
Something went wrong to the internet.But here's an outfit post.

Outfit Details

Inner Blouse: Forever 21, Top: +MANGO , Bottom: Mixed Berry, Heels: Alberto,
Watch: Philip Stein, Bracelet: Coach, Ponytail: Goody Double Wear

Miyerkules, Abril 10, 2013

Beat the Heat

Outfit Details

Orange Tube: Isis, Long sleeves:  Ann Taylor, Shorts: XOXO, 
Belt: Maldita, Barcelet: Coach, Watch: Philip Stein, Flats: Mendrez

Mix 'n Match

Sorry for the 2 days no outfit post..Credits to my mother for the title :))
Girls,don't be afraid to mix colors.. :>
<3 <3 <3


Outfit Details

Top: Liberto, Bottom:  +Forever 21, Belt: Maldita , Heels: Alberto, 
Bracelet: Coach, Watch: Philip Stein

Sabado, Abril 6, 2013

Simply me

                                                  This is what i wore at our family reunion.                                          
                                                                We ate at Rockwell Powerplant.

Outfit Details

Top: Given by my mom, Shorts: Next, Belt: Mixed Berry,
Heels: Christmas Gift from my aunt, Bracelet: Robinsons Department Store (Dumaguete)

Trash For Fash

Sorry for the background.
.But anyway,this dress is made out of recycled materials.

Outfit Details
Dress: (Bodice) colorful round sponge (Skirt) tissue papers, Earrings: +Forever 21 ,
Necklace: Elite Closet, Bracelet: Accessorize, Ring: XOXO, Heels: GIBI